Detroit                VOLVO-MACK
ISB – 2150, 2250, 2350
          EGR, DPF, SCR
DDEC-IV  EGR, VGT               D-12
C7  –  DPF, CGI
ISC – 850, 2150, 2250
          EGR, DPF, SCR
DDEC-V    EGR, VGT               D-13
 C9  –  DPF, CGI
ISL – 850, 2150, 2250, 2350
          EGR, DPF, SCR
DDEC-VI  EGR, DPF                D-16
 C13 – DPF, CGI
ISM – 870, 875, 876
           EGR, DPF, SCR
DD15 – EGR, DPF, SCR           MP-8
 C15 – DPF, CGI
ISX – 870, 871, 2250, 2350
           EGR, DPF, SCR

There is no limit to Off-Road tuning. The Off-Road tuning and/or deletion is intended solely for closed-course racing and off-highway use. These options may not be street legal in your province or state. This product cannot be used on any vehicles registered or certified for highway use. Please check your local, province/state, and federal laws before purchasing!

Designation of off-road vehicles could include the following: Military Export, Off Road Conversions, Farm & Industrial; Fire Trucks, Safety Equipment & Emergency Vehicles; Pump, Tow & Equipment Trucks; Boom, Crane, Cable, Roll-Offs & Roll-Backs; Drilling, Welding & Mine Service Rigs; Aviation Ground Service & Fuel Trucks, and Emergency Response vehicles.