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Forum Rules

Postby unilevers » Thu Feb 19, 2015 5:24 am

1. Post here as if you were posting at work. That means no porn, no bigotry. If it doesn't belong in normal conversations, dont bring it here.

2. No forum signatures with images are allowed. This allows for a less cluttered appearance - this is 100% non-negotiable.

3. fighting/stalking/being a child/hurtful comments etc etc WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. you have been warned.

4. The administrators/moderators reserve the right to do as they see fit. Do not put them in that position because I will side with them.

5. Friendly conversations and disagreements are encouraged. We will not censor or edit constructive posting.

6. Before jumping right in and posting away, please post in the introduction thread and say hi so we all know who you are.

7. Have fun ;)
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