New idle management settings on Cummins 2015+

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New idle management settings on Cummins 2015+

Postby oldmankroeker » Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:20 am

Has anyone encountered and solved a way around the new settings to shut engine down after 5 mins when ambient temp is above ~0? I am aware if it is in PTO mode it will continue to operate but once the vehicle is showing no speed and it see's park brake switch engaged the ECM will take over. I have seen this twice now on new Kenworths and am wondering if anyone has put a switch in to return signal on ECM?

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Re: New idle management settings on Cummins 2015+

Postby unilevers » Tue Apr 21, 2015 12:56 am

i have played with this with some minor success.

Mostly the problem with mine is the dam things shut down too well....... There are settings now to adjust the temp thresholds to which the idle manager will shut it down - they work to an extent.

paccar products use the dam PTO as cruise, so whenever the unit is on cruise the engine is operating in PTO mode. i disagree wit this as there are a whole different set of tables in the cal itself for pto mode operation. The idle shutdown is supposed to be editable to any owners preferences, but i find that it does what it wants......

if i turn the thresholds off, it still shuts down in pto mode. if i enter the thresholds so they mean nothing, its still shuts down. The only way i have been able to beat it and make it work properly so far is to use calterm to edit the cal. it works fine then but that voids warranty.....back to square one.
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